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Jonathan White has been involved in Internet marketing for over five years now. He first started with consumer and digital products and now has worked in over 103 industries. He worked in customer service and sales before discovering the power of marketing, sales, and business online.

- He started with a company making a mere $10 per day on Google, and took them to $10,000 in profits per day within 6 months.
- Next he took a company to $10,000 day to $50,000 in 8 months.
- He helped to devise a master strategy for that ad company that later sold for over $50 million, and took 7 months to do it.
- He’s gained dual skill sets: expert at both monetizing traffic and products and services.
- He’s bought and sold as many as 3 million visits/day.
- He took another company from 0 to $20,000 per day in a month, his own company.

He has had online and traditional marketing agencies that have brought him in to create marketing campaigns that work when they can't figure it out on their own.





  • Using Even Just 4 Of The 17 Components Jonathan Gave Me, I Was Getting More Inquires Than I Could Handle On My Own. From 3 Per Day To 40+ Per Day And Had To Hire For Help.

    -Elina L, Seattle, WA
    Dating Advice Service
  • "I started using Jonathan's strategies and techniques and added $43,374 revenue to business in less than 60 days. This was completely new income, directly from Jonathan's help."

    -Matt Davis

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